Wearable Technology: the Next Level Fashion and Design

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. LAM Miu-Ling


This proposal is intended to support the teaching contents of the PI's courses: SM5313 Interactive Media II, SM2705 Creative Media Studio III: Technology, Space & Intangible Media, as well as a GE course under-development related to Wearable Technology.

The interplay of open-source hardware and software platforms has catalyzed DIY culture and engaged diverse audiences, including artists, designers, makers, crafters, hackers, hobbyists and so on, in creating their own technologies. Moreover, the recent development of electronic textiles (eTextiles) and wearable microcontrollers has opened a new paradigm to embed wearable products with electronics and reactive garments to create innovative fashion design. This project focuses on incubating students' ideas and creativities in developing and designing electronic textiles, responsive clothing, squishy interfaces and sociable fashion.