Electronic Commerce Business Case Studies in Hong Kong and
Mainland China

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. CHEN Hailiang


In the course, eBusiness case studies are to be taught to help students gain insights through real world examples. A lot of textbooks on this topic often use case studies in the western world or mostly from the United States. However, local business cases, such as those in Hong Kong and Mainland China, or others in Asian countries like Japan, Korea, and Singapore, are more relevant to our students, and familiarity with the detailed business contexts involved in these case studies actually would give students chances to gain a deeper understanding of the materials taught in this course.

To address the lack of business cases studies in Hong Kong and Mainland China in the electronic commerce field, I plan to use support from the Teaching Start-up Grant to develop a portfolio of case studies together with students in my course.