Fostering an Age-friendly City with Online Learning

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. CHONG Ming Lin Alice


This project aims at combining different multimedia elements with web technologies to enhance discovery-enriched learning and creative design among students taking the GE course "GE2226 Ageing Society: Hong Kong and Beyond'.

The Project will develop a student-designed, creative, innovative and multi-disciplinary website which consists of (a) online, multimedia teaching and learning materials on age-friendly city, (b) psychological tests for self-assessment on attitudes towards older people and age-friendly issues. This Project aims at promoting students' interest in ageing issues. Students will apply knowledge in aging issues that they have learned in GE2226 into designing and building an interactive website by using multimedia tools. The website will be for use by students taking the course in the future in order to promote their interest, and to facilitate self-learning and interactive learning through online learning activities and resources. The website would also be open to young people, or anybody who wants to know more about ageing issues and the way to promote an age-friendly city.