International Multi-Country Multi-Cultural Business Proposal On-Line Student Inter-University Exercise

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. MONDEJAR Reuben


This is an on-line exercise for undergraduate (not limited to BBA) students to undertake a business proposal project with students from other universities located in various parts of the world. The students would be mainly studying courses such as Principles of Entrepreneurship MGT3424 (current enrollment 43), and would be open to other BBA students enrolled in International Business MGT4227 (currently 36 students), and a GE course Global Business Management FB6508, depending on the timing of its offering (limited to 50 students). Duration of the exercise will last six weeks. All activities will be done on-line. The students will join students from the U.S., Mainland China, Spain, Italy, France, and Israel. Possible other countries involved would be Japan, Austria, and Finland. The students will be grouped into 4-member groups with each member coming from a different university and country. It is an attempt to teach students how to deal with international multicultural work teams. They will choose a country where to do business and what type of enterprise to do. At the end of the exercise each student will present to their respective universities the team-prepared work. The team output will constitute the class project which will count at least 50% of the course mark/grade.