Bridging Teachers and Students with a Discovery-Enriched Mobile Platform – iLearnt

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. CHEUNG Chak-Chung Ray


This project seeks to enhance the learning experience of University students and also the teaching experience of University teachers.

The initial phase of this project will only target University students; however, this project can be extended to any student and any teacher in general. From the point of view of students, they may have many questions during the lecture, such as “I have a question, I don’t understand”, usually these questions cannot be captured during the class especially when a teacher has to manage a large group of students. On the other hand, a teacher may have this question “Am I teaching too fast?” Typical answers can only retrieve from the facial actions of the students. Up till now, we are not aware of any existing and effective approach that can facilitate real-time statistical capturing the feedback from students. With the use of latest mobile technology, we are able to achieve this effective learning goal. For instance, most of the students may have one or more smart phone device or a laptop machine in the class. In this project, we propose to create a Discovery-enriched mobile system, iLearnt, meaning the student has really learned and understood the teaching materials in class. This is expected to greatly improve teaching and learning experience for each system. One of my current Final year project students has created a simple prototype of this system. Preliminary output shows that this project is very promising and is able to provide in-class runtime teaching evaluations for the teachers as well.