Development of a student learning behavior diagnostic tool for the "Discovery Enriched Curriculum"

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Prof. VRIJMOED Lillian


  • Prof. VOGEL Doug
  • Dr. WONG Crusher
  • Dr. CHIU David
  • Dr. HODGSON Paula
  • Dr. LAU Terence
  • Mr. MARK Kai Pan


This project aims to utilize a mobile device to implement some continuous online learning activities to track students' behavior and participation that infers their attitude toward science discovery by using "natural language processing" techniques. Analysis of data can also be used to track students' cognitive thinking skill and identify separate groups of surface vs. deep learners using social network analysis methods. A prototype on "student learning behavior diagnostic tool" will be developed for timely formative feed-forward I feedback from the teaching team. It will be piloted in two core courses of undergraduate programmes (Applied Biology, Environmental Science and Management) in the Department of Biology and Chemistry in Semester A/B of 2012-2013.