Designing Out Crime

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. LI Chi-mei Jessica


  • Douglas Tomkin (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)


“Designing Out Crime” is an 18-month project that aims to provide students with the chance to contribute their innovative and creative ideas in solving crime problems through their collaboration with the students from another institution via an online platform. This is a ground-breaking attempt at cross-institutional collaboration to bring together the concepts of “innovation” and “crime prevention,” to connect students through the “real world” and the “cyber world,” to conduct teaching online, inside the classroom, and out of the classroom. In this proposed project, students will go through the process of “knowledge transferal”; their application of creativity and knowledge in crime prevention in solving the day-to-day crime problems will be demonstrated and presented in a showcase forum and then a website where they can also get the feedback from others in return. Students will be assigned peer learners who are students from an overseas university in preparing their crime prevention projects. This will likely facilitate a knowledge exchange among students across countries and cultures. Besides, in this project, students from both universities attend the seminars by not only their local professors but also professors from around the world. Hopefully, this project will widen our students’ learning horizon from local to global, from real world to cyber learning, and from traditional to innovative learning.