Embody "Innovation Pedagogy" Aesthetic Practices in Blogging, Virtual Teams, and Business Competitions

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. YU Kuo Hui Frank


  • Dr. Reuben Mondejar
  • Dr. Jane Yang


“Innovation pedagogy” is a learning approach that fosters an educational environment where knowledge is assimilated, produced, and used in a manner that promotes innovation (Kettunen, 2011). It aims to generate innovation through combining concepts from various disciplines in an educational environment

  1. where students of different fields are in daily contact, negotiation, and confrontations to appreciate uncertainty and differences characterized by innovation processes,
  2. where students master creativity and problem solving skills through embodiment rather than regurgitation of lessons,
  3. where enthusiasm for trying new methods of learning, doing, and being would be sustained through surprises, disorientations, and dissonance.