Improvement of Soft Skills through Discovery-Based Learning for Final Year Undergraduate Students

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. ZHU Guangyu


The proposed project aims to improve the soft skills of final year undergraduate students through discovery-based learning. The soft skills are not only important for course studies of the students, but also for their future job assignments and career developments. The project will teach the students how to communicate with strangers and to do research to identify targets and what the targets need; about nomination, election, and the dynamics of getting votes; about advocating for a person or an idea, making an impact with collective opinions, and developing an ownership of an idea; and how to conduct a press conference. The projects will also set up connections with not only local scientists, but also the leaders in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, or Environmental Sciences worldwide. Such connections will also potentially benefit our students in their future endeavors.