DVD on Order 14 Application

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Mr. BURKE A S Jack


The Project is an instructional DVD program for use in the Course Interlocutory Advocacy and Interviewing. Students in the Course Interlocutory Advocacy and Interviewing are required to undertake an assessment in which they make an Order 14 Application in the District Court. As part of the preparation for this assessment, students have viewed a video of an Order 14 application by practitioners which is approximately 1 hour long.

While the video of the practitioners is very valuable in demonstrating in a very comprehensive manner how students should undertake an Order 14 appl ication there will be a benefit in producing a DVD on the same topic which is shorter in length as this will provide the students with an insight into how to tailor their submissions to the length of time afforded in the assessment. Also, our standing agreement with the practitioners who participated in the current Order 14 DVD is that it can only be screened in a lecture theatre. Therefore, the students do not have the opportunity to view it at other times. I propose to reach agreement with the participants in this DVD to allow it to be either borrowed from the library as a DVD and/ or uploaded onto a student's IPAD.