Environmental friendly real time quiz using mobile devices with auto marking

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. FONG Shi-piu Joseph


During a lecture or tutorial, it is a common desire for teaching staff to assess the students' knowledge on the materials taught. Usually, teaching staff prepare and distribute quiz sheets to the students so that they can work on them. Afterwards, the work sheets are collected to be marked. It would be environmental unfriendly to consume paper for conducting the quiz. Besides, it would be a heavy burden to the teaching staff to mark the quiz answers. Therefore, it would be effective if students can attend the quiz with electronic media.

For instance, every student must possess at least one mobile device, such as Notebook/netbook computer, tablet PC, smartphone (such as Apple iPhone and Google Android mobile phone) and common cell phone. Therefore, it would greatly ease the students to access to the assessment materials with any mobile device, so that their answers are collected and subsequently marked automatically.