Digital Canvas for Animated Photography and Video

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Mr. LEE Chi Chiu Julian


Imagine creative visual works of our students being featured on the interactive screen display used for advertising on the wall of the MTR stations as well as the digital signage billboard of mobile content along the staircase of the MTR's exit. These new digital multi-screen display panels are now becoming a prominent vehicle for visual content and its availability prompts me to develop a course that has never been taught before - Digital Canvas for Animated Photography and Video. It is a discovery led research investigation to formulate new pedagogical learning of visual imaging presentation employing digital signage billboard in new media art culture. Students can explore the digital sign age screens as interactive synchronized digital canvas and master the technique to deliver creative output on this new public visual platform. We aim at training a new group of media designers to engage in public digital space as their visual playground. Students explore theory of video art and aesthetics of photography, employ new shooting technique and formulate creative strategy for engaging viewers through such public visual projection. While students can develop media art capability and pioneer the creative use of digital sign age billboard as their own digital canvas, they can also generate communicative skills and visual capability to employ digital canvas as a vehicle for promoting business, finance, and IT with visual flamboyance through further investigation.