Online Participation, Interactive Experimentation and Industrial Exploration

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. SUN Hongyan


An interactive teaching environment for the students helps to promote active learning and spontaneous discovery.

In our proposal, we aim to establish a discovery-enriched teaching methodology through the synergy of three platforms. First, we will create a course website with up-to-date information and interactive features. By tapping into the versatility and efficacy of the internet we will achieve a far-reaching online interaction with the students and among the students. Second, we will conduct demonstration experiments during tutorials to inspire passion and captivate enthusiasm of the students through their hands-on experience. Third, we will organize site visits for the students to learn the real-life application of the knowledge they have acquired during lectures. The combination of the three activities will elevate the eagerness of the students to delve deeper into the course subjects and explore the unknown. It will also empower them with both practical experience and industrial exposure, making them fully capable to reflect on their knowledge and generate new ideas.