Cell-based learning discovery curriculum

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. MA Chi Him Eddie


As 2012 is drawing near, we are about launching the new 4-year curriculum and starting to accept the first batch of HKDSE students very soon. HKDSE students have a mix education background spanning from Biology to Business, Accounting and Financial Studies. It will be a challenge to design laboratory-based practical not only to address the diverse needs of students, but also adding new elements to current practical courses. This proposal aims to design laboratory practical materials for cell biology and neuroscience related courses offered by CSE to undergraduate students with mix biology background. More importantly, I will introduce primary neuronal cell cultures and animal research to undergraduate students for the first time at City U. We will design 10-12 practical classes cover a broad range of topics in cell biology including basic cell structure, neuronal cell cultures, mouse anatomy and surgery. Practical classes will highlight the importance of cell as the building block of life. Students will start practical at introductory level and advance to higher levels progressively during the course. At the end of each practical, students will be challenged by an active learning exercise. My goal is to design practical class materials which match student’s expectations and to create an interactive and discovery based learning environment.