Development of an Interactive e-Learning Platform for Enhancing Students' Visual Literacy

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Ms. FUNG Wai Man Virginia


Visual literacy is of utmost importance in the information age. However, with the text-based study environment in primary and secondary education, the visual literacy of our incoming cohort of students is not always of the highest level.

Communication is one of the generic skills that University students should attain and excel in before graduating. In additional to written and verbal communication that we always emphasise, visual communication is also important to complete students' mastering of communication skills.

The aim ofthe project is to develop a web-based interactive e-learning package for access of students University-wide to enhance their visual literacy. The content includes principles of visual expression and communication, samples of different visual expression media, and problems and issues of visual communication for further exploration. Interactive material will be the focus of the e-Iearning platform so as to engage students' learning.

It also serves to supplement the classroom teaching of a new GE course to be offered starting SemesterA in 2011. Interactive elements for students enrolled in this new course - GE1304 Visual expression & communication will also be included to enhance teaching and learning.