Analyzing Ageing Societies: a Discovery and Cross-disciplinary Approach

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. CHONG Min Lin Alice


  • Dr. YEUNG Yuen Lan Dannii
  • Dr. LEUNG Mei-yung
  • Dr. FOK S.C. Vincent


This project is to promote a discovery-oriented aud cross-disciplinary learning among students taking the new GE course 'GE2226 Ageing Society: Hong Kong aud Beyond' through the development of a student-oriented aud multi-disciplinary teaching portfolio to be undertaken by a project team of experts in social sciences, business, science aud technology.

The portfolio will consist of

  1. a set of multimedia materials including news clippings, websites, videos, movies, music, and powerpoint presentations;
  2. a set of carefully designed teaching and learning materials including teaching plans, introduction, guiding questions, in-class activities, worksheets, case studies, handouts, references, assignments and assessment.
With the use of the portfolio, a truly cross-disciplinary approach in course delivery will be ensured even if there are changes in teachers and even if the course is taught mainly by I teacher. When the course is so well developed, the teacher can place more attention on guiding students' learning. Moreover, students will be facilitated to take an active role in discovering and analyzing challenges and opportunities facing an ageing society.