The Development of Writing Workshops to Enhance Students' Writing Skills

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Mr. LOCKHART A Charles


  • Mr. WONG Gilbert
  • Mr. CHUI Ivan


The aim ofthis project is to develop, deliver, and evaluate a suite of writing workshops to enhance the writing skills and strategies of City University students. These writing workshops will be offered by the recently-established Writing Development Center (WDC) of the English Language Centre (ELC), and will support and extend the learning that occurs in two new courses taught by the ELC - English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and University English (GEEI). By offering students these workshops, we aim to:

  1. improve students' writing strategies and boost their confidence in writing for academic purposes;
  2. promote students' self-initiated learning;
  3. provide a non-threatening, non-graded environment in which students can develop their writing skills;
  4. encourage students to think about the genre, content, style and sentence structure oftheir papers in relation to their readers' expectations and needs;
  5. encourage students to critically reflect on their writing and develop strategies for revising and improving their papers;
  6. provide flexible instruction and experiment with various techniques and learning activities, thus responding more effectively to each student's particular problems.
Upon completion of this project, these workshops will be self-sustaining and will be run by the ELC in the coming years.