Teaching and Learning of Green Information Teachnology for Undergraduates

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. TAN Chee Wei


Exposing undergraduates to the vital link between teaching and research is one of the cornerstones on which successful research-infused teaching and learning can be nurtured. Given that globalization has led to climate and environmental change and the commitment to sustainability education at City University, it is important that we now connect undergraduate students to research in green information technology and to equip them with the knowledge of energy efficiency explicitly so as to enable Hong Kong to be a genuinely innovative sustainable city and green society. We will develop a methodological approach to supervision of green technology-based research projects undertaken by undergraduate students. We will study how to develop, test and implement feedback-based solutions to green information technology projects in undergraduate course. Students will be first exposed to enrichment activities that lead to heightened interests in and appreciation of research developments in green information technology at CityU. They will then conduct independent projects that satisfy the OBTL objectives of the course.