Toward a Refinement of the Theory and Practice of Marriages

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Ms. LEUNG Kam Ping Kathy


"Toward a Refinement of the Theory and Practice of Marriages" seeks to develop the competence of students to conduct marital counseling and enrichment programs. This project embraces a range of activities, which emphasize interactive and simulating role-playing, teaching, and learning. It will recruit 40 students from the Marital Preparation, Enrichment, and Therapy (SS5825) course, dividing them into seven or eight groups. Each group will be required to select a topic from the pre-marital, marital, or re-marital education programs or from counseling activity. These may include such topics as pre-marital preparation for engaged people, counseling for couples in conflict, and enrichment for older couples. The students will investigate changes in the beliefs and attitudes of people in contemporary Hong Kong towards pre-marital sex, marriage and divorce, re-marriage, and non-marital intimate relationships. They will conceptualize their field work by consulting secondary literature, interviewing counselors, social workers, marriage educators, and laypersons. Finally, the students will disseminate their findings through (1) interviews, (2) simulations of marital workshops, or (3) role playing in marital counseling.

To consolidate their findings and share them with students in related fields, such as social work and psychology, an online report will be published and video tapes of role playing made available. In total, 1,000 hard copies of the report and 100 DVDs will be produced. In reading and viewing these resources, students will develop their critical thinking on marriage issues, while enhancing their workshop and marital counseling interview skills. Two forums will be organized in which students present their analyses, conduct simulated workshops, and role-play their marital counseling scenarios. Students who are studying social work and counseling related courses will be invited to attend the forums. Senior marital counselors and marriage education staffs will be invited to offer their comments on students' presentations.