Counselling as 'Conversational Art': Development of a language-based Approach to Counselling and Laboratory Training of Counselling Skills

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. KWONG Wai Man

Associate Investigator

  • Miss. CHAN Lo
  • Miss. WU Kai Yin


To enhance the teaching of two MSSC courses that provide foundation knowledge and skills, the proposed project follows an action research approach to plan and design, through a series of collaborative inquiry sessions joined by MSSC students/graduate and professional associates/peers teaching and/or practicing counselling, a teaching-learning process that incorporates a language-based approach to counselling as part of the course content of SS5800 Counselling Theories and Practice; to implement the lesson designs and conduct self-study sessions to further develop a conceptual framework for an indigenous language-based approach to counselling and pedagogical approaches to teach this approach in the context of a theory course (SS59800) and a laboratory skill training course on counselling (SS5841). A language-based approach to counselling sensitizes counsellors-in-training to the performative and action-oriented nature of language, and enhances their capacity to intelligently navigate the process of a counselling conversation to arrive at a shared understanding with the client of a new (re)constructed reality that is more amenable for the client to make positive changes. The project will produce a collection of conceptual and self-study research papers describing the groundwork for a language-based approach to counselling and counsellor education, together with curriculum materials for teaching this approach.