Supporting a Hybrid Language Course

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. WONG Mei Ha Hebe

Associate Investigator

  • Mr. MARTYN Howard
  • Mr. WILKINSON John David


The 72-hour EAP Foundation Course, is designed to provide students who have got Grade F or below in the HKASL with supplementary English input with a focus on reading and writing. These materials will also provide extension language support to those UGC students who have achieved only a weak pass in the HKASL (and prospectively in the HKDSE) by augmenting the EAP pathway. In consideration of the unsuccessful learning experience of these students in their secondary education, two key components will be introduced to the course to enable students to learn English in different learning modes so as to enhance their learning motivation. These two components are (1) a cooperative reading scheme and (2) an online resources pack.