Putting Theory into Clinical Practice: A Web-Based Cognitive behavior Therapy Learning Platform

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Prof. WONG Fu Keung Daniel


Web-based learning has become a popular way of acquiring knowledge and skills. It is part of the strategies to facilitate a more enriching learning experience for students by shifting the teaching and learning environment from an in-class and didactic mode to an interactive and multimodal mode. While multi-media web-based learning mode may, in itself, have the effects of enhancing the interest of the students, it is particularly suitable for students in a modernized society such as Hong Kong because some parts of their learning experience can be self-paced and self-arranged.

Skills training is an important component of any counseling skills training. Cognitive behavior therapies (CBTs) are no exception. Through the web-based skills training, students are able to integrate the theories and concepts of CBTs (i.e. what they have learned in class) to observing and critically analyzing, in a step-by-step fashion, the skills demonstration tapes conducted by various CBT therapists. Moreover, they would have the opportunities to submit their own skills performance tapes for discussion over the web. Through this web-based learning, it is hoped that students can have a good grasp of the clinical process and practical skills in conducting CBT.

The proposed web-based CBT learning platform is designed for our students in the Bachelor Master degree programmes in social work, counseling and psychology in the Department of Applied Social Studies, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, City University of Hong Kong. It is meant to supplement classroom learning of knowledge and skills in CBTs. The platform enables them to have control over when, where and how they learn. In addition, a forum will also be designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas among teachers and students and among students themselves. It aims to develop students' critical and analytical thinking.