Global Classroom on Wikis: Cross-cultural Digital Exchange to Enhance Collaborative and Independent Learning in a Global Context

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. BERNE Christiane Suzanne Marie

Associate Investigator

  • Prof. CAMMACK Anthony Paul


This project aims to prepare students for professional life by developing an interactive global classroom with a partner university in Argentina that will support and enhance teamwork, and independent and collaborative active learning on two courses, CLA2701 'Image of the City' and AIS4133 'Latin American Politics in Comparative Perspective'. Use of selected digital technologies will increase student awareness of global issues, expand their use of these technologies and develop their communicative skills in a cross-cultural context. The staff involved will also gain experience in the use of interactive classrooms and digital technologies, and dissemination of the outcomes of the project will spread competence in these approaches across the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.