Aligning PILOs and CILOs with a Market Assessment of Required Legal Skills for Hong Kong Lawyers of the 21st Century

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • LAKHANI Avnita

TDGs Project Highlight

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The target of this project is CityU's strategic areas of Student Learning and Professional Development as well as Globalization. The research results will be used to better align PILOs and CILOs with a market-based assessment of the required legal skills of Hong Kong lawyers of the 21st century:

First, this research project will incorporate innovative ideas by: 1) engaging the legal community in Hong Kong and Mainland China to identify the critical skills for lawyers of the 21st and 22nd century; 2) integrating the practical side of law with the academic side; and 3) developing a taxonomy of core and supplementary legal skills required in the marketplace. While there is some literature and at least two studies at North American law schools on the subject of legal skills, there is insufficient evidence to support or substantiate the literature or to predict the skills lawyers will need in the future. Therefore, this research project is ground-breaking in the Asia-Pacific region.

Second, the outcomes of this research project will have clear and direct impact on student learning. The research outputs will assist in aligning PILOs, CILOs and ATs to correspond more closely to the needs of the legal marketplace both now and in the future. The result is a distinct competitive advantage for CityU School of Law graduates through improved course development and delivery, targeted student learning, and effective professional development. In addition, CityU will develop valuable professional contacts to assist students in securing gainful employment upon graduation.

Third, this research project will incorporate a Project Guidance Committee (PGC) whose role will be to provide constructive evaluation of the project and to ensure that the goals of the project are being met.