Chinese Civilisation Teaching Enhancement Scheme – Featuring the Beautiful Scenery of CityU Campus 中國文化教學優化計劃──以城大景觀為主題

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • DUNG Chau-hung


Through course design, publication of poetic works, organization of talks and workshops, this innovative scheme can effectively enhance the teaching quality of applicant. By utilizing CityU campus as the subject for teaching, the unique scenery and architecture of CityU campus can be showcased as well.

1. Applicant’s teaching is related to classical Chinese poetic culture. Applicant would teach students the skills of poem writing, and consolidate their learning through exercises in class and semester-end assignment. In 10-11 academic year, ‘The scenery of CityU campus’ would be set as the theme of poem writing in exercises in class as well as semester-end assignment.

The poetic works of students would be published as a poem collection named as “Praising the beauty of CityU campus”.

2. Organizing five regular talks according to the profession of applicant (classical Chinese poetic culture), so as to enable students to gain inspiration from other academics and to further consolidate what they have learnt in class. Students not taking the applicant’s course are also welcome to attend the talks.

3. By inviting well known professionals in Lyrics-writing, six Lyrics-writing workshops with the scenery of CityU as the topic in creative writing would be organized. This would enable students to get a better understanding in Lyrics culture, which is closely linked to poetic culture. Students not taking the applicant’s course are also welcome to attend the workshops.