Construction of an Open Web-based Platform (EEProg-Wiki) for e-self-assessment of Computing Skills

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • CHEUNG Chak-chung Ray

TDGs Project Highlight

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According to an online career organization, C#, ASP, .NET, and SQL are the best computing skill set for graduate students to enter the job market of IT, engineer, and programming analyst. However, the existing department's curriculum can only cover a few major programming languages. Repeatedly we hear students saying they have difficult to identify good tutorial materials online, and they usually suffer from lacking the motivations for e-self-learning. In this proposed project, we aim at bridging the problem about missing skill set and promoting e-self-learning by adding EEProg-Wiki into the existing CityU Blackboard Intranet system. We aim at constructing a collective set of online tutorial courses and assessment suites. The selected topics are based on the information that we collect from the HK IT and Engineering employers. The EEProg-Wiki is a complementary online classroom to our departmental curriculum, which gathers up-to-date web courses using the collaborative wikipedia format on Blackboard.

Although the EEProg-Wiki is maintained by a professional staff in the department, the content of the website is based on a collaborative effort from the students in the department. Online course evaluations and automated scripts and some computing machines in the department are also provided to the students. With EEProg-Wiki, students in our department are able to access good teaching materials in a national/regional/global level. The selected programming assignments and assessments will be first evaluated by the staff; related running scripts will be given to the students. This can advocate e-assessment in order to achieve the outcome objective of OBTL. Overall, the impact of the proposed project is not only limited to freshmen and second year students for them to be well-equipped for their FYP projects, but also for our final year students and research graduate students for a life-long e-self-learning and e-assessment.