Developing an Electronic Database of Contemporary Management Practices in Hong Kong

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • KWAN Siu-on Andy

TDGs Project Highlight

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Undergraduate students taking management courses at the City University of Hong Kong usually have no or very little full-time working experience in organizations. These students typically have difficulties understanding the concepts and theories discussed in a typical management textbook available in the market because almost all the textbooks are quoting management practices in organizations in the North America or Europe. The lack of local examples of management practices could hinder our students' understanding on how management theories actually work in organizations in Hong Kong. To fill this critical gap in student learning, the current project will create a database of management practices in Hong Kong for both students and instructors in management to enhance their learning and teaching at the University. The database could benefit not just BBA students but also students in other non-business departments taking an introductory course in management. It is expected that the database can be used for teaching management courses at CityU and at other local universities.