Real Time Web Services Based Handwritten Chat Room E-Learning Syste

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • FONG Shi Piu Joseph


In real-time e-learning, teachers can create some virtual classrooms and students can go to the classroom and chat with teachers. This type of chat room is different of discussion board. In discussion board, users should refresh the system after they input a message, also they should refresh the system when they want to get the latest message. However, real time chat room need not be refreshed and can avoid the refresh problem. Teachers and students can reply as soon as possible and it can really improve the learning progress. Furthermore, users can use their mouse or tablet to draw something in a share whiteboard. This function is useful when there are some idea difficult to present in words such as mathematic and art. One more function in real time e-learning is file transfer. In traditional e-learning system, teacher can put some learning materials on the web and students can download them at anytime. However, when there is a file, which is sent from teacher to student. The process should be for teacher upload the file to server and then student download it in the server. In real time e-learning system, the process of upload and download can be down at the same time and it may save half of time when compared to traditional e-learning system. 

Real time e-learning can improve the interaction between teachers and students via the computer. It is quite similar to face-to-face learning. In fact, it is a hybrid learning system, which gets the advantage of face-to-face learning and e-learning. Moreover, teachers and students can also enjoy the convenience given by computer that they can interact with each other in a long distance. It really can save the time in travelling between home and school and the saved time can improve the learning performance.