Applying an Economic Analysis Approach to the Teaching and Learning of Company Law

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • SHEN Wei


Economic analysis of law as a research tool has been widely adopted in the field of company law. Currently, the research trend in company law lies in the integration of legal and economic analysis, with particular emphasis on the impact on the real economy of changes in the law governing corporate governance, corporate insolvency, capital markets and financial services. The interdisciplinary approach has brought a wide range of impacts on regulatory and industry policies. To prepare our students well for their future legal professional career, we need to provide our students with more opportunities to be familiar with the economic analysis of law approach and its implication in company law. Relevant topics include but are not limited to the regulatory competition and harmonization between Hong Kong and Shanghai competing for the status as an international financial centre; modernizing company, securities and financial law regime in Hong Kong to sharpen its competitive edge in these fields; and "transplanting" a US Chapter 11-type of corporate rescue regime into Hong Kong. To apply an economic analysis of law approach in teaching and learning company law will create a stimulating learning environment for our students so that they will know the significance of company law in our real commercial life.