Crime Prevention

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • LI Chi Mei Jessica


"Crime Prevention" is the second phase of the TDGs-funded project "Crime Issue", which was implemented in 2008 and 2009. Similar to the first phase, the project's second phase will cover a wide range of teaching and learning activities inside and outside the classroom, such as surveys, field visits, guest seminars, and a forum. A group of key participants will assist in the editorial work of a newsletter called Crime Prevention. Our department will print 2,000 copies of this newsletter for distribution to City University students. Students taking the criminology course will be suitable targets for recruitment. In addition, other students will benefit from attending the forum and reading the newsletter. As an improvement of the previous phase, the new project will offer participants a chance to develop their research skills by conducting a survey on people's fear of crime. The survey results will be reported in the newsletter. The newsletter will be extended to all City University students (19,000 persons) via an online platform and will be circulated in the community in a printed version sent to approximately 1,000 secondary school students. It will be possible to analyze project data in a rigorous way with the assistance of computer software and with strengthened manpower.