Enhancing Students' Learning Motivation by Continuous Monitoring and Regulations of Achievement Goals, Capability Beliefs, and Achievement Emotions

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • YAU Muk Leung Anthony


This project aims to establish a simple, manageable, and yet effective way to enhance learning motivation among CityU students. A web-based system will be developed, which on one hand facilitates students’ self-monitoring and self-regulation of their motivational dynamics, and on the other hand help teachers to understand and respond to their students’ motivational needs. This system will assess students’ motivational components four times a semester. Such assessment serves both to prompt students to activate their study goals and to provide information for offering students tailor-made learning tips. At the same time the teachers can track students’ motivational change and take prompt reactions to adjust for the change. The development of this system involves three phases: piloting a preliminary system in one course, testing a full system in 3-5 courses, and eventually constructing a finalized version of the system which can be adopted by all courses in CityU.