Enhancement of Management Skill of Engineering Students via Group Projects

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • TSE Kam Tim


In 2006, an employers’ survey was conducted to explore the employers' view on 9 major aspects/attributes of university graduates in their offices, including 1) Chinese Language Proficiency, 2) English Language Proficiency, 3) Numerical Competency, 4) Information Technology Literacy, 5) Analytical and Problem-Solving Abilities, 6) Work Attitude, 7) Inter-Personal Skills, 8) Management Skills/Leadership, and 9) Technical Skills required for the Job. Among these, English language proficiency scored the lowest and is immediately followed by Management skills/leadership. For engineering graduates, especially construction management discipline, who need to monitor the entire construction project and work with different parties in the construction site, management skill is one of the most important elements to work satisfactorily in such complicated environment. This project aims to organize mini projects, in which project teams are established from engineering students of various years. Senior students are the team leaders and have to mobilize the teammates to complete the projects through various stages.