From Laboratory Safety to Workplace Safety: From Student to Professional

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • WONG Sai Li


to be employed to elevate student learning at levels 1 and 2 to relational and extended learning (levels 3-5). The strategy will be applied to the achievement of self-awareness of learners in construction safety. Students are taught how to build up a hazard assessment model by participating in laboratory safety modules during their undergraduate coursework. Building and construction related site visits will then be arranged. By conceptualizing the site conditions using projective and adaptive thinking, each student has to list out the potential hazards and related preventive methods. They have to validate their scenarios during the visit and also identify additional risks to supplement the hazard assessment model. A review session will be held after each visit for group discussions, experience sharing and to provide feedbacks. Learning will be reinforced by aligning the actual outcomes with the planned intended outcomes. Thus the knowledge gained in laboratory safety will be extended to real life work safety as students are equipping themselves to become professional.