Bluetooth Media Sharing:Interactive Multimedia Display for a participatory Mobile Life style

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • LIU Zhi Qiang


The omnipresence of the new media has been increasing phenomenally, especially in mobile communications which has created a new era of Mobile Lifestyle. In the past year, the train stations (ex-KCRC) have been playing with this by making multimedia toys available to users in the form of a motion detection interface projected on the floor. This sort of direct feedback is what usually triggers the interest in the user. These interfaces however, lack two important features: (1) the feeling of having contributed to something, or simply feeling part of a community of users and (2) Mobility. In this project we will develop a learning environment through a media sharing platform based on the Bluetooth technology and the concept of Media intra Grid (MiG). In this project we will further extend the successful Bluetooth-enabled display in the 2008 BScCM SIG showcase, Playful Media to developing a Bluetooth Media Sharing (BMS) platform. In addition to classroom teaching and internship practice, effective learning requires motivation and passion from the learner. This will be a group project that is in general managed by student participants with a staff supervisor. On consultation with the supervisors, the students will plan and carry out research and development this project. This programme will result in computer games and motion capture products with significant commercial potentials. Given its media sharing nature, we will be able to involve more students from other faculties, such as Business, Social Science and Engineering.