Course enrichment project for a BBA Course MGT4223 (Recruitment and Selection)

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • CHAN Andrew


The captioned project is designed to enrich a third year level course titled, "Recruitment and Selection" through addressing the student-based learning context in an even richer and more dynamic manner.

Students demonstrate correct practices regarding employment selection activities, especially job-interviewing in a simulated business context.

Students will be asked to video-record their own role play job employment interviews. With these video clips, students will review their own performances from an objective perspective. Through post-role play reviews, they discriminate weaknesses and strengths and then generate reflections about ways for improvement.

Role-play interviews enable the PI-teacher (with his research assistant) to identify any weakness in the use of English, hence the value-added of this project relative to the Program Learning Objective aiming at English enhancement in an explicit HR-professional context.

Extended use of deliverables for possible institution-wide adoption include: a.) Outstanding video clips showing high quality role play interviews for teaching purpose; and b.) exemplars for re-use and references for students in other year-groups and in other programs, anytime afterwards.