eSurvey: a survey record based eLearning system for research students

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • FONG Shi Piu Joseph

TDGs Project Highlight

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In research studies, a student starts with writing a research proposal, followed up by intensive literature and industrial survey in his/her own research area. The student must perform his/her own research with validation under supervisor's guidance. The student's own research work must be differentiated from others work in order to demonstrate the unique originality and significance of the students' contribution. The information explosion on the Internet makes the survey analysis much more difficult. This project suggests a solution by recording both the students' own research work and others work into a meta data, and compare them for further analysis as part of student's dissertation. The record based eLearning system can track the progress of student's research studies in, problem statement, proposed solution, analysis, findings. publication and feedback, in an eLearning system.