Crime Issue

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • LI Chi Mei Jessica


"Crime Issue" is an innovative project which facilitates the accomplishment of the intended learning outcomes of the course - Key Issues of Criminology in Contemporary Societies (SS4118) of our department. This course covers a wide range of teaching and learning activities which emphasizes interactive and out-of-classroom teaching and learning. In the proposed project, students will be divided into 5-6 groups. And each group is required to analyze and report a criminological issue, for example, triad society, youth gangs, gender and crime, cyber crime, and crime and culture. Students, taking the role as journalists, are encouraged to do their interviews, survey and observation on a particular crime issue before finalizing the information for reporting. Their written reports will be published in a self-edited newsletter, named "Crime Issue". And our department will print 5,000 copies of this newsletter and distribute to City University students. In line with the publication of the newsletter, a forum will be organized in which students can present their analysis and reflections of learning from taking this course. Criminal justice-related professionals, such as police officers, staff from the correctional service department and probation officers will be invited to offer their comments on students' presentations in the forum.