An Interactive Digital Teaching and Learning Platform for Chinese Culture: Chinese Music Culture and Musical Instruments

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • WONG King Chung


In studying any form of Art of any culture, visual appreciation is essential and acts as a concrete learning platform. Chinese music is one of the art forms in Chinese culture. Besides learning to play musical instruments, listening to Chinese music is another way students can cultivate the ability of appreciating of Chinese musical culture.

Limitation of Current Resources

Our lectures and tutorials provide teachers limited time to demonstrate such huge musical works which are numerous. Feedback from our students shows that they want us to provide them with more video materials and learning guidelines for further study.

We find that most of the materials on Chinese music available on internet are audio excerpts. However, we cannot find visual excerpts that can display different performing styles.

Our Project

In view of the first limitation stated above, our project will focus on creating a tailor-made teaching website to provide an interactive and easily accessible learning platform outside classroom for students who study CCIV courses in the mode of OBTL (which acts as one of TLAs). And we will make use of the website template developed from the TDGs-6980087 project to develop our website for the storage and presentation of the materials in the Blackboard.

We shall produce demonstration audio-visual excerpts. To enhance peer learning, we will invite students from Chinese orchestra of City University of Hong Kong to do some demonstrations. Some external performers will be invited to do advanced level demonstrations for comparison of different performing styles. All demonstrations will be recorded.

The multimedia website will be posted up the numerous audio and visual excerpts accompanied by appropriate textual description. The website will be divided into four parts: 1) textual description of Chinese music culture, 2) music theories and musical instruments, 3) audio and visual excerpts demonstration, 4) games, tests (for revision), and discussion board.


Students are expected to identify and recognize the different musical instruments and their music after the course.

Series of online games and tests will be designed for teachers to assess their students' ability after the courses under the Blackboard system.

This project is the first stage of the whole project of interactive digital teaching and learning of Chinese music and its instruments. For the present project, four representative musical instruments (dizi, pipa, erhu, zheng) and their music will be selected and covered by the website.