Electronic Learning Portfolio Project

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • FISHER Dean William
    CHEUNG Hokling
  • CHEUNG Hokling


This application proposes to expand on the work & investigation already begun in the English Language Centre, ELC & the Education Development Office, EDO, to develop the use of the ePortfolio as a learning tool. In addition to the ongoing trial of incorporating ePortfolios into several ELC courses, new dimensions for integrating ePortfolios into courses of different disciplines will be explored. Resources will be shared among participating courses, but more importantly collaboration among participating teachers is expected to generate insightful ideas and effective strategies to enhance student learning. A more student centric teaching and learning culture will be promoted. We will research and identify the most useful teacher facilitation and intervention methods to help students learn more effectively. The hands-on development of portfolios will encourage students to take on more responsibility for their learning and to develop their reflective thinking skills.