Web-based Learning in Safety for Building & Construction Laboratory and Site Works

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • SIU Yee Fai Vincent

TDGs Project Highlight

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The project is proposed to develop an effective self-learning package in laboratory and site works safety for BC and BST undergraduate students. It will be used as an induction for the awareness of safety before students perform their practical works, especially the FYP. The entire package will be accessible on the University website via the Blackboard platform. Basically, there will be four modules: General Concepts, Electrical Safety, Mechanical Safety, and Site Safety. These will cover most of the practical works that BC and BST students will encounter. Besides the technical side, managerial, economical and statutory aspects will also be elucidated.

The learning package will have multi-media enhancement and hyperlink support to other relevant websites for up-to-date information and learning paradigms. Learners retain visual images through vision and audio impacts, and participate through role-playing, together providing elements of effective TLAs for delivering knowledge that deems to be pedantic. The ILOs are that learners will be able to: (1) acquire a widen concept of saftey, (2) perform risk assessment for their practical work, (3) comply with statutory requirements, (4) apply technical know-how to devise safety measures, and (5) enhance their professional ethics. ATs will be in the form of multiple choice and simple fill-in-the-blanks questions at the end of each module, incorporating PBL with real-life cases where appropriate. The learner performance will be evaluated by computer-assisted marking and grading system with summary reports output to Course Coordinators. Feedback and discussion channels on the web will be established.