Developing an Integrated e-Learning Centre for Construction Value Management - Undergraduate Module

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • LEUNG Mei Yung


A no. of formal documents (WTBC16/1998, Tang2001, WTBC35/2002, Leung et al. 2002a; see attached file, pages 1, 11-13) strongly recommends a wider adoption of VM techniques in order to achieving an excellence in the quality of construction products. However, a survey revealed that most of the practitioners in the HK construction industry misunderstood and had false perceptions of VM (Fong and Shen 2000).

To enhance the innovative management techniques for the construction students (who will become professionals in the industry), Value Management course is added at the CityU in 2002 and is proposed at the HKU in 2005. The proposed project aims to develop an integrated e-Learning Centre for Construction Value Management for undergraduates in the universities in order to allow students to get acquainted with the rules at a pace suited to their level of proficiency. The centre seeks to enhance the teaching method and improve/enrich individualized learning with free of time limitations. The focus of the centre is toward proactive learning and development of critical thinking skills, including understanding the integrated VM content, applying analytical and evaluation techniques for problem-solving, and conducting self-assessment out of the teacher-student contact hours. The proposed project mainly focuses on VM courses for undergraduates. It will be further expanded for the construction VM students in other universities and the post-graduates at the CityU (or other institutions) in the next stage.