Special Interest Group in Computer Games: a pilot project for In-depth-Learning and training

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • LIU Zhi Qiang

TDGs Project Highlight

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The traditional tertiary education focuses on rigorous and disciplined curriculum development that is essential for a degree with good credential. However, with intense competition in the employment market and ever-demanding workplace, many students have found themselves ill-prepared for the real world with a basic university degree. In addition to classroom teaching and internship practice, effective learning requires motivation and passion from the learner. In this project we will develop an in-depth-learning program through special interest group (SIG).

In the SIG students will engage in supervised extracurricular, professional research and development activities throughout at least two years of their study period. As an initiative, we will focus on one SIG that cover the Computer Game development which is a major area in digital entertainment industry. Students are free to join a group of their choice from year one. The SIG will be managed by a student manager with a staff supervisor. On consultation with the supervisors, the students will plan and carry out research and development projects. This programme will result in computer games and motion capture products with significant commercial potentials. Furthermore, it is possible to extend the membership of the SIG to other faculties, such as Business and Engineering.