Joint Programme to develop Teaching Materials for Construction Technology Subjects incorporating inputs from Academic Staff, Students, Graduates

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • WONG W M Raymond


The teaching of construction related subjects inherits a number of difficulties and constraints. These unfavourable factors include the huge volume of technical/practical information related to the construction of various kinds of buildings or civil engineering works, the hostile physical conditions in the built-environment in particular inside a construction site, remoteness of the academic staff from the frontline industries, as well as the lag of pace in the technological development in the rapidly changing industrial environment.

In view of this, the project investigator proposes to initiate a multi-level programme to overcome such difficulties and to develop a set of effective teaching packages to enhance the teaching in the said area. The proposed programme involves contribution from multi-level sources mainly on a volunteer basis including student helpers, research staff, academic from other institutions, pass graduates and other practicing personnel from the industry. The project team will make the overall teaching plan and line up the contributors to obtain the required materials. All the materials will be processed, redesigned/transformed into appropriate format and uploaded onto a designated server (e-learning centre of the Division) for dissemination to staff and students for teaching and learning purposes. The final deliverable is much more than the obtaining of a set of substantial and updated topic/course packages for teaching and learning. The beauty is that it also helps to provide opportunity for students to get closer to the outside profession and develop themselves due to their participation in the project.