English Learning Camps

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • CHAN Ricky


Local Chinese students often find English difficult and lack confidence in using it. Their language ability sometimes hinders their career development. Traditional method of teaching English as a second language in secondary schools often focuses on mechanics of the language such as grammars and tenses, which subsequently develops a fear in their young minds.

This TDGs proposal describes an innovative approach to help students to learn English. Three-days-two-nights English Learning Camps are specially designed to enhance participants' communication and interpersonal skills. Several native English speakers will join the camp as language tutors, and within those three days, participants are submerged in a complete English environment where they could practice English in a casual, yet mandatory environment. The proposed project aligns with the university's Ideal Graduate Attributes as well as the concepts of Outcome Based Teaching and Learning. The proposed camps will be arranged in August 2007.

The camps will be first launched to full-time undergraduate students of the Department of Building and Construction. 80 students will be served in four separate English Learning Camps. The development of the project will be closely monitored, and its outcomes will be assessed and evaluated. Experience gained in the project could be used to extend the project further, to become an institutionalized campaign. A funding of HK$43,936 is sought.