Pathway to Professional Education - Whole Person Development Scheme for Accountancy Students

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • POON Margaret C C


As all-rounded, competent professionals are immensely demanded by the society, the urge for whole person development of students has always been intensifying. The society thirsts for people having basic competences and sound professional knowledge, general knowledge as well as an ability to appreciate cross cultural issues. Therefore, Hong Kong students are expected to explore and embrace a variety of competences and skills, and be a proactive learner who always long for facing challenges and discovering new things out of their frame.

This Whole Person Development Scheme consists of a series of programmes which are designated for the personal and professional growth of Accountancy students. With this scheme, students can realize their potentials, stay away from their comfort zone, widen their field of vision, and immerse themselves into a new state and new stage which facilitates their acquisition of the skills and competences that will bring them success in the future.

This proposal seeks funding to support this meaningful project which will nurture the potential of students through attracting students to read quality books and articles, helping students develop and identify their career paths, and networking students with the business world with support from mentors who are currently professionals and leaders in their respective fields.