English Language e-Portfolio Project

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • CHEUNG Hokling
    WILLIAMS Fiona Jane
  • WILLIAMS Fiona Jane


"Learning is deeply personal in that it occurs when we, as individuals, take the time to reflect on an idea or concept and attach it to our mental framework of understanding."

In the course of English language learning, students have to plan, review and consolidate their learning into a presentable e-Portfolio. Students will post work they have done for English Language Centre (ELC) courses and English language independent learning in their own custom made e-Portfolios in Blackboard. A pre-designed e-Portfolio template will be delivered by the ELC for students to customize and personalise. The work posted will include videos and audio files of presentations given, PowerPoint slides created, essays and reports written, reviews of reading material read in English and illustrations of work done as an independent learner. ELC tutors and peers will comment on the work posted and the students will be encouraged to reflect on the work they have produced, comments received and to analyse their strengths and weaknesses and plan methods to improve. They will be able to continually edit work until they feel they are demonstrating to an outside observer their best work. As they go through this process they will be enhancing their ability to communicate in English and they will have an e-Portfolio which they can continue to work on as long as they wish and present to prospective employers.