SmartCommunicator: Learning Effective Communication Skills through an Interactive Virtual Environment

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Prof. IP Ho-shing Horace


This project is proposed in response to CityU's stated goal in the nurture and optimization of its students as ideal graduates, who can excel in this globalized and fast-changing world of work and study. This project aims to develop an innovative interactive environment and the associated pedagogical metaphors for learning communication skills with virtual reality. Through integrating visual arts, music, languages, and motions, students will create solutions for different problem-based and task-based learning scenarios. They will apply their knowledge and skills in problem solving, critical thinking, negotiation, decision making, team work, and organization in a series of simulated real-life contexts. The resulting deliverable, called SmartCommunicator, consists of a series of learning scenarios with supporting learning activities and virtual environments within which students can learn and practise various communication skills and sharpen their communicative competencies. This approach aims, on the one hand, to differentiate CityU as a forerunner in whole-person development through synergizing the respective strengths and innovations of EN and CS Departments, while, on the other hand, to provide CityU students with a new and innovative medium for immersion and interactivity in language and communication training. The output of this project is applicable to all CityU students.