Office of Education Development and Gateway Education

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TDG Consultancy Visit to City University of Hong Kong 2014

UGC External Consultant: Professor Brenda Smith

Date: 26-Feb-2014


Time Event
2:30 pm - 3:15 pm

Meeting with Senior Management

  • Professor Gary FENG, Associate Provost
  • Dr Rodney JONES, Associate Director of Education Development and Gateway Education

3:15 pm - 4:20 pm

Meeting with Principal Investigators (PI)

  1. Dr Ron KWOK, Associate Professor, Department of Information System
    Focus: To elaborate on your TDG experience and how it led to the Gateway Education projects and talk about GE at City in general

  2. Dr Hongyi SUN, Associate Professor, Department of System Engineering and Engineering Management
    Focus: To elaborate on CoP and IP matters

  3. Mr Scott HESSELS, Associate Professor, School of Creative Media
    Focus: How TDG has funded innovative activities which led to larger grant funding opportunities

  4. Dr Brian KING, Assistant Professor, Department of English
    Focus: Wikipedia assignment

  5. Dr Ray CHEUNG, Assistant Professor, Department of Electronic Engineering
    Focus: To elaborate on CoP and App Lab and show case some of the developed App.

  6. Dr Jessica LI, Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Social Studies
    Focus: To elaborate how the past TDG experiences led you from a novel investigator to an experienced investigator for new GRF grant project’s

  7. Dr Alice CHONG, Associate Professor, Department of Applied Social Studies
    Focus: Share your TDG project and your road to win the UGC TEA winner of 2013

  8. Prof Sai On CHEUNG, Professor, Department of Civil and
    Architectural Engineering
    Focus: As a long-serving TDG Panel member, please elaborate on the process of awarding TDG grant projects and how project deliverables were assessed

4:40 pm - 5:30 pm

Meeting with Student Representatives

  1. Kathy TSUI, Bachelor’s Degree in CLASS, Year 1
  2. Desmond PANG, BEng (Hons) Bachelor of Engineering, Year 2
  3. Wai Sing HO, BSocSc (Hons) Social Work, Year 3
  4. Gilbert Kawai JOA, BEng Mechatronic Engineering, Year 3
  5. Wilson Yu LIU, Bachelor of Accountancy, Year 3
  6. Jacky WONG, Bachelor of Business Admin, Year 3
  7. Yuan ZENG, PhD Media and Communication

5:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Debriefing Session