Office of Education Development and Gateway Education


The EDGE Office oversees the following education grants:

Funding TDGs - Teaching Development Grants TSGs - Teaching Start-Up Grants for New Faculty Communities of Practice
Objectives 1) To assist faculty in adopting innovative approaches to teaching, and to improve the quality of the learning environment
2) To enhance development in teaching/Professional development needs
To assist new faculty in implementing creative teaching ideas as they start their careers at CityU To enable colleagues with common teaching and learning interests to share ideas and practices
Funding Source University Grants Committee (UGC)
Call for proposals Aligning with the conclusion of the TDG triennium 2012-15, the next round of call for proposals will tentatively be in Semester A 2016-17. Closed
Funding Ceiling $180,000/project $100,000/project Start-up funding: $2M per institution
Project Duration 18 months 12 - 18 months Varies
Approval Panel Internal reviewers
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Project implementation and quality assurance

To assure quality, an efficient non-intrusive project monitoring system has been built into the grant administration process from the approval stage to the final project report/review stage.
Proposals are vetted by a committee made up of representatives from Colleges and Schools in the University. In general, successful applicants are required to submit an annual progress report in June of each year. Upon completion of the project, a final report together with project outcomes/deliverables (such as websites, teaching manuals, CD-ROMs) has to be submitted within one month of the completion of the project.

Completed projects will be reviewed both by members of the TDG panel. And a team of external reviewers will be engaged in the triennium review.  Reviewers will identify good practices, assessing teaching and learning benefits, and gauging the success of the projects.