Sustainability Community

Our Community of Practice for Sustainability (CS) consists of faculty, staff and students from different backgrounds and cultures who share their daily practices of sustainable living within CityU. This group of people, sharing the same goals and visions, propose to create a driving force that will seek to influence, by example, future environmental practices within the CityU community, thereby cultivating a better campus for our staff and students.  Our objectives are to promote the development of sustainable culture by gathering and unifying various environmentally-related groups within the campus; to form a new sustainable cluster to share information by building an informative knowledge system; to reach inside and outside campus forming a sustainable network and to promote sustainability through education and learning.  We are building a functional website and a Facebook® centralizing all sustainability information within the campus and organizing lunch time forum for education and networking purposes.   We are sharing information on lasses offered by the university that are related to sustainability, list of educational materials on sustainability and links to major environmental groups in Hong Kong. The major on-campus collaborators include the CityU departments and offices, the Environment Protection Society, the Environment Committee and the Campus Development and Facility Office and the off-campus organizations are the Hong Kong Green Building Council, WWF, Sustainable Development Councils, professional bodies e.g. the Hong Kong Institutions of Engineers, Surveyors and Architects and government departments.